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Hate Small Screens?

Splay Doubles as the World's Largest Ultra-portable Display and as a Projector. Launching soon!

Never Hunch Over Your Laptop Again - Meet Splay

Your companion for busy work days & fun beach days. Splay comes to you packaged no bigger than a book and expands into the world’s largest portable 24-inch display in a matter of seconds!

A 2-in-1 Product Like No Other

Splay is taking it to the next level

Projector Mode

Splay is also a pocket projector that will make movie nights a lot more fun! Easily remove our patented expandable projector display technology to use as a projector!

Display Mode

Splay is the world’s largest ultra-portable display with a 24-inch diagonal FHD screen. Enjoy it on the beach or as a second screen while working – either way, we know you’ll love it!


Who Needs Splay?

We think the more important question is - who doesn’t?

Especially with features like these...

Large Display

Large display screen spanning over 24-inches

Saves Space

Collapses to the size of a book - saves space in your home and easy to bring around


Switch from a 24" display to a 50" projection

Use Anywhere

From a conference room to your bedroom, Splay can be used anywhere, anytime.

FHD Display

1920x1080 bright, high-resolution display


Built-in stereo speakers


Long-lasting battery. Also use as a Powerbank.

Easy Connectivity

HDMI & wireless adapter connection

There are of people in particular
we think may really enjoy Splay. Let’s meet them!

Maya's Problem:
  • Always "on-the-go"
  • Works from home & client sites
  • Needs to present at meetings
  • Hunches over small screens all day
  • Connectivity Issues

Splay as a Solution:
  • It’s lightweight & easy to throw into a laptop bag
  • A blank wall & Splay is all she needs to present an even bigger image with projector mode at meetings
  • The 24-inch screen display means she can finally stop squinting at the small screens
  • Splay allows her to connect to almost any device

Adam's Problem:
  • Small screens ruin the gaming experience
  • Gaming setups are nearly impossible to bring around
  • Limited multiplayer games
  • Low resolution put a damper on games

Splay as a Solution:
  • Lightweight and compact making it easy for Adam to slip into his bag
  • Get a 24-inch screen or switch into projector mode for double the screen size
  • Connects to most devices so bring out your phones, laptops and Switch
  • 6-hour battery life doesn't keep you running to the charger
  • FHD resolution screen breathes new life into your game

Collin's Problem:
  • No space at home for another screen
  • Wants the flexibility to watch movies from any room in the house
  • Using a laptop in bed makes it difficult to get comfortable
  • Small screens strain his eyes which takes the fun out of watching shows


Splay as a Solution:
  • From the size of a book, it expands to a 24-inch screen making it storage easy
  • Switch to projector mode to enjoy a screen double the size and get comfy in bed
  • 6-hour battery life so Collin can comfortably watch a movie or two
  • Enjoy his movies in 1080 FHD resolution
  • Clear built-in speakers for that home theatre vibe.

Splay Has:

Largest Screen

The Largest Portable Screen You’ve Ever Seen


6 Hour Built-in Battery Life


Clear Speakers


A Projector Like No Other


Impressive Screen Brightness


Easy Connectivity

Out With the Old & In With the New

What’s new since SPUD? Great question!

  • Larger & Better Display
    We’re as tired as you are with all the tiny screens. Splay gives you a massive screen in full HD
  • 2-times brighter display
    With increased brightness, use Splay at any time of the day - even outside, without straining your eyes
  • Even Lighter
    Carry it around wherever you go! Light enough, you don’t even feel it in your bag.
  • 2-in-1 Display-Projector screen
    If 24-inches is not enough for you, then double the size by switching to projector mode.
  • 30% less space
    From a full blown 24-inches, it collapses down to the size of a book - save space wherever you are.
  • Longer battery life
    Portability is nothing with a short battery life, so Splay makes sure you get the most out of your screen with it’s 6-hour battery life.

Still Not Convinced?

Maybe some of our reviews will do the trick!

John H. Halpern. M.D.
John H. Halpern. M.D.@John_H
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Love my SPUD! SO SO COOL! It is amazing. I've not been able to hook it up yet to my laptop because I don't have the adapter for HDMI (I have a 2018 MacBook Pro) but I do have the HDMI to Apple lightning adapter! So... yep: I have 'only' been enjoying my SPUD hooked up to my iPhone! So yes... pretty darn incredibly COOL!
Leon_le Beau
Leon_le Beau@leon_le
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Wakakakaka got them both. unpacked one and it's a fab device. extremely well executed and with incredible image quality. We can feel and see how work has been through this unique product. I'll play more with and give some better feedback soon, but the first impression is the most important one, kudos to the team! Certainly my very best Kickstarter experience so far and the reason why I love crowdfunding!

Thanks, guys!
Clay Bell
Clay Bell@clay_here
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I just wanted to say how happy I am to have received my SPUD It has certainly been a wait but one that was worth every second... It is a fantastic device that is the result of a well-thought-out design and manufacturing process., and I have already found myself using It regularly. I can't wait to travel with it internationally for business (why I originally purchased it) and have an actual second monitor to work with spreadsheets. Spreadsheets on a laptop alone are THE WORST.

Thank you for the hard work you put into this project to see it through to fruition and thank you as well for the regular updates along the way it has been a wonderful journey to watch, and I am proud to call myself a first backer 🙂

Can't wait to see what you do next!
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Our SPUD arrived in London this morning — and we had it connected to a tablet and running perfectly within 5 mins (without needing to refer to instructions or directions). The packaging and attention to detail are flawless, whilst the finished SPUD unit is even better than we had expected. Congratulations to all at Arovia for successfully taking this project from concept to creation: your communications were excellent throughout and your commitment to delivering the best possible end product really paid off. Thank you and good luck with your future projects: I'll be keeping an eye out for more.

Finally, a special message to Alex...You certainly did your father proud with this project: SPUD is a fantastic tribute to his memory. Incredibly impressive.
Ali Demir
Ali Demir@ali_demir221
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The most complicated a. technical product in Kickstarter history tum. out incredible and fantastic.

In about three years and more than 1000 projects later I witnessed it!

I will follow your journey; Einstein of Kickstarter!

Thank you!

Best from Germany

Ali Demir
Peter Marchant
Peter Marchant@MarchanPeterUK
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Thank you @realArovia for creating the SPUD - Spontaneous Pop-Up Display, Now I can make my sheet music big when I play my digital piano 🙂 The 24-inch screen folds down to e.g laptop size - very portable!
#a11y @RNIB @UKAAF @BBCa11y @Roland_US

And this was all the love for SPUD. You have no idea what’s waiting for you with Splay!

About Us

The story of SPUD & Splay

Splay- your ultra-portable screen display is more than what meets the eye. An innovation that was born from understanding the struggles and needs of people who are constantly on-the-go. Co-founder, Alex worked as a product manager in optical engineering, and constantly travelled around the globe, from Japan to the Netherlands, he was basically living out of a suitcase.


He was constantly hunched over a tiny screen for ungodly number of hours at airports and coffeeshops. It was these long hours spent looking at a screen where Alex first recognized an unmet need. Being a fan of big display setups, he started thinking of building a screen display that was big yet light enough to carry around. Wanting to do something about it, he decided to join the Start-Up Accelerator program at Rice University. There, he worked night and day alongside his co-founder George until SPUD was produced.


After what felt like an endless time of work, a functioning prototype came to life. The dream of a display screen that expanded from the size of a book to the size of a desktop screen had finally come to life.


Everything moved really quickly after that, from attending conventions to launching SPUD on Kickstarter, it was a rollercoaster ride. Their campaign was an incredible success but there was still something missing. SPUD was just the beginning, going back to their whiteboard, blueprints, and lessons learned from SPUD they began working on a new and improved portable screen display that would take on-the-go to new heights. 


Today, we have Splay.


An invention that proves to be ultra-portable without compromising on product quality. It’s lightweight and compact for travelling while still promising FHD quality screen and a long battery life. From working to entertainment, Splay was built to be your display of choice no matter where you are.


We’ve been featured in

Splay- your ultra-portable screen display

Splay - Your Best Friend in 2021

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